Bitcoin Cash Standards

An Overview of Standards in Bitcoin Cash

Ticker Symbol & Currency Code

The ticker symbol and de facto currency code for Bitcoin Cash is: BCH.
BCH is not compatible with ISO 4217, and while XBC is in conflict with European Unit of Account 9, BCH is already widely adopted and accepted as a "standard".
XCH is recommended as a currency code for Bitcoin Cash as of .


BCH is a standard in practice, but no formal agency for units is in place.

Abbreviation Unit Fraction (BCH)
BCH bitcoin-cash 1
mBCH milli-bitcoin-cash 0.001
sat (plural: sats) satoshi (plural: satoshis) 0.000 00001


There is no official logo or color scheme for Bitcoin Cash, however currently recommends an orange logo (HTML color: #f7941d) inside a rectangle. The Bitcoin logo is tilted -20 degrees (instead of +20 degrees Bitcoin Core uses). Many major companies are using a light green logo (HTML color: #8dc351 and #99c262). Examples:

Orange Bitcoin Cash logo Light green Bitcoin Cash logo

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are not standardized, but the recommended and most widely used transaction fee setting is 1 sat/byte (one satoshi per byte).

URI Scheme

The URI Scheme syntax for Bitcoin Cash is:
Syntax: bitcoincash:<address>[?[amount=<size>][&][label=<label>][&][message=<message>]]
Sample: bitcoincash:qze75dks3vtgr3ezeg0jgkmezl2ttvpylyrk26dlsq?amount=0.02&label=URI%20Scheme%20Test
IANA assignment

The URI Scheme syntax for SLP tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is:
Syntax: simpleledger:address?field1=param1&field2=param2
Sample: simpleledger:qze75dks3vtgr3ezeg0jgkmezl2ttvpyly0dppclw7
IANA assignment

A proposal for a URI Scheme for Cash Accounts exists, but there is no official IANA assignment. The syntax is similar to the bitcoincash URI Scheme.
Syntax: cashacct:<cashaccount>[?[amount=<size>][&][label=<label>][&][message=<message>]]
Sample: cashacct:GeorgEngelmann#17216?amount=0.001&label=0.001%20BCH%20for%20Georg%20Engelmann

Non-standard parameters such as op_return and op_return_raw have been implemented in Electron Cash and other wallets.

CashAddr format

The CashAddr format is the standard address format for Bitcoin Cash addresses. CashAddr was created to avoid confusion. Some wallets use the CashAddr format while others use the Legacy format. The specification is available on GitHub.

Payment Requests

Payment Requests are requests for specific amounts typically used in merchant transactions. The specifications is available on GitHub.

Cash Accounts

Cash Accounts are used to attach a human readable name to Bitcoin Cash addresses. The Cash Accounts specification is available on GitLab.
For more information about Cash Accounts visit


CashShuffle is a fully decentralized privacy enhancing protocol for Bitcoin Cash. The CashShuffle specification is available on GitHub.
For more information about CashShuffle visit

Simple Ledger Protocol

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) is a simple token system. It is comparable with Ethereum's ERC-20 Token Standard and provides greater integrity and transparency than traditional forms of asset accounting and trading. Anyone can use SLP to create their own token on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The specifications are available on GitHub for SLP Type 1 and SLP NFT Type 1.
For more information about Simple Ledger Protocol visit

Memo protocol

Memo protocol is a protocol for sending messages/attaching text on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The protocol specification is available on


CashID is an open protocol that allows secure authentication based on the public key cryptography infrastructure that is currently present in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. The CashID specification is available on GitLab.